Rainbow Daycare
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  • General Information

     History of Rainbow
     Our Philosophy
     General Information
     Parent Participation
     Health, Safety & Security
     Enrollment Documents
     State Holidays
     Tuition Rates [PDF]
     Parent Handbook [PDF]

    The History of Rainbow Daycare

    Rainbow Daycare, INC. ("RDC") opened its doors for business on September 9, 1986. The first person with a vision and determination to fulfill her dream (to our benefit) was Dorothy Benjamin, a new mother with a need for childcare. In 1981, she was ahead of her time in developing the first on-site infant daycare facility for State workers in California (Capital Infant/Toddler Center). For five years, Ms. Benjamin with the help of Tess Albin-Smith and several other parents fought to keep our lease, which was on State property scheduled for other state uses. Our troubles finally gained attention in 1984 when the State of California established a childcare fund to help state employees start their own centers. The parents organized as a non-profit corporation and with Ms. Benjamin's assistance, we were able to stay together another two years until we moved to our current site.

    We owe a debt of gratitude to Dorothy Benjamin and Tess Albin-Smith, the center's founding president, as well as to the tireless efforts and determination not only of our parents, but our State officials, legislators, volunteer crews, and staff. Their willingness and determination gave life to RDC. Our parents, Board of Directors, and staff continue to work diligently to make RDC the best that it can be!

    Let's keep the spirit alive!

    Our Philosophy

    Rainbow Daycare, Inc. fosters a philosophy of providing a positive learning environment designed to guide children to discover new information, skills and concepts. Our curriculum offers the best social, emotional, academic and cognitive experiences for children. We provide a variety of learning experiences that encourage a positive self-image and inspire joy in the learning process. We respect each child as an individual who possesses a unique personality, intelligence and creativity. Our highly-trained and dedicated staff members establish environments that are clean, fun, creative and child oriented.

    Rainbow Daycare, Inc. develops close bonds not just with the child, but with the family. As a parent co-operative, we place great value on interaction and participation within the center. Rainbow is a place not just for your child, but for your whole family. We embrace a Primary Care Giver model, encouraging bonds to form and flourish between a child and a dedicated Primary Care Giver.

    The pre-academic curriculum utilized by highly trained Rainbow Daycare, Inc. teachers is designed to allow for emergent learning at age- and developmentally-appropriate levels. We believe in a play-based approach to learning. By facilitating learning experiences, we encourage children to learn a concept to a maximum level, covering monthly themes and topics of discussion but always tying in our core study material. We believe in building a child’s skills to enable success in Kindergarten, and beyond.

    We offer a play-based, thematic and multicultural curriculum for children ages six weeks-five years of age. Rainbow’s Curriculum was developed with the vision of “guiding” children through the learning process by utilizing hands on activities rather than “showing” them how to learn. The program also allows children to participate in a holistic learning approach with the teacher interacting at the child's level. The focus is always on the process of learning and not the end product. Our goal at Rainbow is to have children engaged in a variety of activities and to become “life-long” learners.

    General Information about Rainbow Daycare

    In accordance with Federal law and U.S. Department of Agriculture policy, this institution is prohibited from discriminating on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability. To file a complaint of discrimination, write to: USDA, Director, Office of Adjudication 1400 Independence Avenue, S.W. Washington, DC 20250-9410 Or call 866 632-9992 (voice). Individuals who are hearing-impaired or have speech disabilities may contact USDA through the Federal Relay Service at 800-877-8339, or 800-845-6136 (Spanish). USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

    Licensing Information

    Infant/Toddler Program, ages 0-2 years of age: 340312651

    Preschool (age 2 years)- First Grade: 340309465

    Thank you for choosing or considering Rainbow Daycare for your child! Rainbow Daycare is a parent owned non-profit daycare operated by a seven-member Board of Directors in collaboration with the Executive Director of RDC. The Board of Directors is primarily comprised of other parents who like you choose RDC for their child. Having a parent run Board of Directors helps make the RDC experience a unique and rewarding one. Parents have a direct voice in the functions and success of the center. It is our hope that each family will have a rich and rewarding experience with RDC and recommend our center to other families looking for care.

    The Board of Directors Purpose
    The Board of Directors primary goal is to ensure that RDC provides a safe, educational, nurturing environment for our children staffed by the most qualified and caring personnel. In addition, the Board must conduct, manage, and control the business operations of the center including establishing policy and ensuring compliance with State Licensing.

    Each board member serves a term of one year with three board members elected in April and four board members elected in October of each year. Board members may serve consecutive terms but must be re-elected. When vacancies exist, the Executive Director will assist in soliciting for candidate statements from interested parents. All interested parents will submit a signed candidate statement detailing why they are interested in serving on the Board of Directors. Each candidate's name and statement will become available to each family of RDC for a ballot and subsequent election.

    Board Meetings
    The Board of Directors meets monthly at the center at 5:45 p.m. and meetings typically last about an hour. Board meetings are open to any RDC family or staff wishing to attend. Information regarding the schedule of board meetings and listing of your current board members is available on the Parent Board at the entrance of the center.

    A set of by-laws governs the Board of Directors. A copy of the by-laws is available at your request from the Executive Director of RDC.

    The Board of Directors has four officers: President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. Acting board members elect officers at the first board meeting following elections.

    Parent Participation

    Rainbow Daycare is a parent governed non-profit organization that relies heavily on parent participation. Parent involvement in the administration of, fundraising for, and maintenance of Rainbow Daycare is a unique and essential part of the success of our center. Parents provide RDC with invaluable labor and resources and help defray operating expenses. Parents, through their participation, also have the opportunity to influence the direction and purpose of RDC. Completion of parent participation hours is a term and condition of each enrollment contract.

     Parent Hours Binder Sheets

    Thirty parent hours are required each year (July 1 – June 30) for all two-parent families who have a child enrolled full time. Parent hours are pro-rated for families who are here less than a full year based on the month of enrollment. The following time commitment is required of every RDC parent:

    FT (4-5 days) 36 hours per year
    PT (2-3 days) 18 hours per year

    FT (4-5 days) 24 hours per year
    PT (2-3 days) 12 hours per year

    Parents are responsible for recording parent hours. Parent Hour cards are located in a binder on the table in front of the Parent Board. When parent(s) complete time on a volunteer activity, the parent(s) fill out the Parent Hour card indicating the activity with the amount of time worked or amount of money spent. All recorded parent hours require RDC staff approval in order to be valid. Parent Hour cards will remain at RDC at all times. The purpose of the Parent Hour card is to keep an accurate record of hours for that year. Each family will receive a new Parent Hour card every July. Any parent hours earned in excess of what is required may carry over into the next year. Parents are responsible for ensuring their new Parent Hour card reflects any carried over balances. The Executive Director will audit these cards periodically throughout the year and will notify parents of any parent hours owed.

    Qualifying Activities
    The Executive Director will approve all qualifying parent hour activities. RDC will schedule parent workdays on weekends periodically throughout the year to do extra cleaning, maintaining, and improvements to RDC – inside and out. Volunteering for parent workdays is one way to earn parent hours. The Executive Director and RDC staff will post on-going projects for which parents can earn parent hours. Examples may include purchasing/donating materials, repair of classroom items, making copies or typing forms, maintaining the yard, chaperoning field trips, attending Parent or Board meetings, or participation in fundraisers. All donations of supplies require pre-approval by the Executive Director of RDC and convert into parent hours at a rate of 1 hour for every $15 spent or fundraised. The parent must provide receipts for newly purchased supplies. For donated supplies second hand, the Executive Director will make the determination of how many parent hours to credit. RDC is committed to assisting parents in completing their parent hours. Parents may contact the Executive Director for help in finding ways to complete their requirement.

    Enforcement and Payment
    Starting in April, the Executive Director will notify parents of deficit parent hours. Parents who do not complete the required parent hours by June 30 will be required to buy their remaining hours out at a rate of $15 per hour. Parents must submit payment for deficit parent hours by July 15. Failure to pay for parent hours owed will result in the termination of enrollment and loss of their priority as a "returning family". If your child leaves RDC prior to July 1, any unfulfilled hours will be pro-rated and billed to you at a rate of $15.00 per hour.

    Health, Safety & Security

    Sick Policy
    The primary aim of RDC is to protect your child to the greatest degree possible. Health checks are done every day as each child enters the center. The check consists of observing the child's general appearance, feeling body temperature, and observing the skin for rashes or obvious signs of illness. After this check, RDC staff may determine not to accept a child for that day. If a child should seem extremely fatigued or ill during the day, RDC will notify the parent to pick up the child. We are not equipped to care for sick children. If this is your child's first group experience, it is quite possible that he or she will have more illnesses than before. We are counting on the cooperation of parents in keeping children home who are ill, or who seem unusually fatigued, or show symptoms of possible illness.

    When a child becomes ill with a communicable disease or anything the Center for Disease Control deems contagious, the parent should notify the Executive Director immediately so that the center can notify other parents of their child's exposure. In many circumstances, illnesses are most contagious prior to the child exhibiting any signs. As such, RDC asks that parents notify the center regardless of when the child first became ill.

    Conditions for Exclusion from RDC
    The Executive Director will notify families of children exposed to contagious illness at RDC. Parents are required to notify RDC within 24 hours of any serious illness in the family, including diagnosis and cause of illness. This required even if the child is kept at home or if it is a sibling or parent who is ill.

    The following is a list of infectious diseases or symptoms that will require exclusion of a child from RDC.
     Fever greater than or equal to 100.5 degrees F
     Severe abdominal pain, vomiting, or diarrhea
     Skin rashes (until diagnosed and treated)
     Chicken Pox
     Measles or Rubella
     Whooping Cough
     Lice or nits
     Strep Throat

    In addition to the above, if your child exhibits any of the following symptoms, RDC asks that the child not participate in the program.
     A painful, red throat, even if fever is not present
     A deep, hacking cough
     Difficulty breathing or untreated wheezing
     Complaints of stiff neck and headache accompanied by other symptoms
     Yellow discharge from the eyes
     An unusual yellow coloring of the skin or eyes
     Cuts or openings on the skin that are pus-filled or oozing

    Once a child is treated and is not contagious, assuming the child is feeling fit to participate in the daily activities, the child may return to care.

    Picking up a sick child
    If your child develops any of the listed symptoms after arriving at RDC, you will be called to pick up your child. In order to minimize the other children's exposure to illness, when you are notified to pick up your sick child, you must do so within 45 minutes. (Please note: sick children must be isolated from the other children and RDC staff is not staffed to provide sick childcare.) If your child is not picked up in the allocated 45 minutes after you or your office is notified, you will be charged according to the late pick up charges described above which will be payable immediately. Staff will make every effort to make your child comfortable until you arrive.

    If staff is unable to reach a parent/guardian, the staff will contact those people authorized to pick up the child from RDC. Remember, it is always the parents' responsibility to be available or have someone available to care for their child should he or she becomes ill at daycare.

    Return to the Center
    Generally, a child who has been ill cannot return to RDC until 24-48 hours after initial treatment with medication, if appropriate. In addition, the child must be fever-free and no longer showing symptoms of illness. The Executive Director will consult with the County Health Department or a health consultant as needed. The final decision as to whether a child may return is at the discretion of the Executive Director or Assistant Director. In certain situations of illness, the Executive Director may require a written note from a physician before allowing the child to return to care.

    Medical Emergencies
    In the event of an accident or medical emergency requiring immediate treatment, a staff member will perform first aid and/or CPR while another staff member calls 911 immediately. A third staff member will then contact the parents and the child's physician. In an urgent situation, RDC top priority is to ensure that the child's immediate medical needs are treated.

    Rainbow Daycare utilizes secured doors on all entrances into the center and classrooms. At the time of enrollment, RDC will provide parents with the codes to access the center. The door codes are confidential. RDC asks that parents do not share with anyone who is not a current family or an authorized person to pick up a child of Rainbow Daycare. Maintaining the integrity of the door codes is essential to the health and safety of the children, as such, the door codes may change periodically.

    Emergency Plan
    RDC posts the emergency plan in each classroom and in the office of the center. RDC staff trains continuously on the evacuation procedures of the center and the children participate in regular evacuation drills. Each classroom is equipped with an emergency backpack that includes a First Aid kit and other items that would be essential in an emergency. In the case of an emergency, the staff's first priority is to ensure the health and safety of every child and staff member. Following, staff will begin to contact each family and arrange for pick up of the child. The current evacuation plan calls for the center personnel to evacuate to Roosevelt Park.


    Your kids will thank you!

    I was so scared to put my kids in daycare. I spent months searching for the right one. When I first went to Rainbow, 4 years ago, I was impressed by how quiet and happy the kids were. I expected a lot of crying and chaos, I guess!

    Over the years, I have spent a lot of time there as a parent, and I'm very impressed with all the teachers and the staff. The teachers have been helpful, not just being good caretakers to my children, but to me personally.

    My kids are so happy there, and they have learned so much. Rainbow has a great curriculum, a wonderful meal plan, and is a non-profit run by the parents, so as a parent, I like that. It's like a family.

    I'm particularly impressed with how wonderful they are with the infants and toddlers. As a new mom, I was so worried about leaving my infant with strangers. But after the first few days, they were showing me things my child could do that I didn't even know she was capable of. They expanded my parenting skills and gave me so many helpful tips over the years.

    The number one thing is, my kids are happy and well-cared for. Like the other parent said, when I go to pick my kids up, they don't want to go home. They are excited and want to show me everything they have been doing. It's such a great feeling.

    Rainbow has an open-door policy. Parents are free to drop in any time, and believe me, I have. I like that a lot, because I know I'm seeing the REAL Rainbow, and I've never been disappointed.

    Pros: excellent, experienced, caring staff

    Cons: none

    Thank goodness I found Rainbow

    I moved here from out of state and did not kwo anybody, or have any references for a daycare. My kids had been in a small home daycare since 8 weeks of age. Immediately when I walked in and met the teachers I felt comfortable. My kids love it, and are upset when I pick them up at night.

    Pros: ratio of kids to teachers, and the wonderful teachers

    Cons: cant think of one

    The Gold at the end of the Rainbow!

    We moved to Sacramento recently and needed a daycare center for our daughter. She had always been in a home daycare facility since she was one years old. She didn't like daycare facilities at all. I would drop her off at one for the afternoon to try it out and they would call me to come and pick her up. At Rainbow they asked me what her favorite breakfast was and had it for her the very first morning she attended. The teachers are warm, caring and take extremely good care of her. She talks about them all the time and enjoys her new friends. She adapted very quickly and was even fully potty trained within a few weeks. I am so glad we found Rainbow it is an acceptional place for your child to be if you have to work.

    Pros: Good class size and very good, caring teachers

    Cons: Close at 5:40pm. Sometimes hard to get there on time after work.

    Our daughter, Ava LOVES Rainbow!! She giggles everytime we mention it. I was very choosy about daycare centers & interviewed a ton. Rainbow has great staff, a great program, and best of all- I feel confident that my daughter will have a great day with her friends at Rainbow.

    I referred a friend there and her 2 year old also loves it.

    My daughter attends Rainbow Day Care and she loves it. She looks forward to going to Rainbow and loves her teachers. I can go to work and focus on my day because I know she is in fabulous care. I would highly recommend Rainbow Day Care to anyone looking for childcare in downtown Sacramento.

    Great Daycare!: My daughter loves her Daycare, and we love it, too! The ladies at Rainbow Daycare take such good care of her, and the kids there all seem very happy. I think they do a fantastic job, and it has eased my mind so much, since I had to go back to work. I know my baby is in good hands! If she can't be with me, this is the next best thing! It's been a month now, and we are very pleased with the experience.

    Enrollment Documents

     1) Enrollment Documents Checklist
     2) Enrollment Contract
     3) Identification & Emergency Information
     4) Rainbow Daycare Emergency Form
     5) Preadmission Health History - Parent's Report
     6) Physicians Report
     7) Consent For Emergency Mediacal Treatment
     8) Parent's Rights
     9) Personal Rights
     10) Permission To Participate
     11) Email Address
     12) Achnowledgement of Receipt
     13) Illness Policy
     14) Tuition Express Form

  • Calendar

  • Our Staff


    Mrs. Caren - Director

    Mrs. Caren is an understanding, compassionate and easygoing educator. She is the Executive Director at Rainbow and has been working with children for over twenty years. Mrs. Caren has a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Early Childhood Education. She would love to pursue a PhD in Child Psychology someday. Her passion for working with children started at the early age of nine when she began babysitting. Mrs. Caren believes each child is unique and special in their own way and it is an educator’s responsibility to help them become life-long learners. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her wonderful husband, Terry, of over thirty years as well as time with her three beautiful children, Alex, Alyssa and TJ plus her amazing grandson Noah and soon to be granddaughter, Aaliyah. Her grandma, who will be 104 in August 2017, has been a great inspiration to her and a true blessing to their family. Mrs. Caren’s motto is to learn something new each day and then take that knowledge and share it with others.

    Ms. Dominique - Assistant Director

    Ms. Dominique is a determined, kind and loving person. She worked as an Infant-Toddler teacher in the Green Class for three years and is now the Assistant Director at Rainbow. Ms. Dominique earned her Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Education in 2012 and has been working with children ever since. She knows when you’re in this field, it’s important to have a lot of patience and energy, both of which she has and so much more. She strongly believes children learn best through play and exploring their environment. Ms. Dominique loves working with children because they are so spontaneous and uninhibited which makes every day different from the last. In her free time, she enjoys reading, watching movies and being around friends and family.

    Green Class

    Mrs. Blanca - Infant/Toddler Teacher

    Mrs. Blanca is a hardworking, caring and understanding teacher in the Green Class. Since 2000, Rainbow has been fortunate to have her as an Infant-Toddler teacher. She believes in using each child’s five senses to help them develop from an early age. Mrs. Blanca has many years of education and experience working with children. In San Francisco, she worked with two to four year olds at a Montessori school and Salvation Army for eleven years. She has also volunteered for five years to teach five and six year olds at her Adventist Church. Children have always and will continue to have a special place in her heart. She’s very passionate about seeing them grow and develop physically and mentally. Mrs. Blanca’s goal is to provide education with love and respect.

    Ms. Sequoia - Infant/Toddler Teacher

    Ms. Sequoia is a loving, hard-working and dependable teacher in the Green Class and has worked with children for almost four years. She’s in the process of continuing her education in Early Childhood Development. Ms. Sequoia follows the progressivism philosophy which focuses on the whole child and believes children learn through experimentation. She has worked with almost every age group, but her favorite ages to care for are infants and toddlers. She enjoys watching the children explore and learn new things. When she isn’t working, Ms. Sequoia likes to hike, play laser tag and eat.

    Ms. Martha - Infant/Toddler Teacher

    Ms. Martha is a caring, understanding and patient teacher in the Green Class. She has worked with children for ten years and absolutely loves it! She has experience taking care of children as young as six weeks old all the way to twelve years old. Ms. Martha’s philosophy is that each and every child has their own individual and unique way of learning and it’s up to the teachers to help foster that. Hands on learning is also important to Ms. Martha because she believes many children learn a lot that way. A few of her favorite things about caring for children are hearing all of their stories, receiving their hugs and being able to let her inner child out. Working in the education field for so long has helped her become less shy and more open. She finds it fascinating to meet many different families from various backgrounds and couldn’t see herself in any other field. On her days off, Ms. Martha enjoys sleeping and hanging out with her daughters, Catalaya and Arabella.

    Yellow Class

    Ms. AJ - Preschool Teacher (2-3)

    Ms. AJ is an open-minded, ambitious and loving teacher in the Yellow Class. She believes education is the key to having a successful and prosperous life. Education is something that every child should have access to. Ms. AJ has worked with many age groups and each opportunity has been a different learning experience. While helping children learn and grow, they’re helping her continue to grow as well. One of her favorite things about working with kids is knowing that she’s creating and leaving a positive impact on them. During her free time, Ms. AJ likes to paint, draw and play basketball.

    Ms. Michele - Preschool Teacher (2-3)

    Purple Class

    MS. Josephine - Preschool Teacher (3-5)

    Ms. Josephine is an organized, creative and dependable teacher in the Purple Class. She’s been working at Rainbow since 2010, but also has experience from teaching at her church and teaching at an elementary school. Ms. Josephine believes children learn best through hands on activities. Being surrounded by children brings her enormous amounts of joy and happiness. For her, it’s magical to be a part of their lives to see them grow and knowing you aided them during their growing process. Ms. Josephine also believes if you love what you do, you won’t have to work a day in your life. In her spare time, Ms. Josephine enjoys arts and crafts, making cards, drawing, reading and trips to Disneyland.

    Ms. Diamond - Preschool Teacher (3-5)

    Ms. Oyin - Preschool Teacher (3-5)

    Ms. Oyin is a compassionate and innovative teacher in the Purple Class. In addition to being an educator, she is a mother, grandmother, an activist and continues to be a work in progress. When it comes to children, Ms. Oyin stresses the importance of believing in the process, not just the product. She understands that children learn in different ways whether it’s visual, aural, verbal, physical or even a combination. As an educator, she believes each and every child’s learning process should be respected, but in order for children to process they should be exposed to as many sensory experiences as possible. Ms. Oyin has an Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and has studied creative drama and theatre arts for children. She has decades of experience with children. Not only has she owned and operated a family daycare, Ms. Oyin founded Ile Omode Preschool in Oakland, which is now Ile Omode School that serves children from preschool through 8th grade. She has worked as a director, preschool teacher and as an assistant to special education teachers. Ms. Oyin loves working with children because they come into the world as innocent and free spirits with incredible, absorbent minds. She enjoys watching them play because they are the greatest improvisers and you can learn so much from them about the natural world. Ms. Oyin hopes to continue to inspire them to be all they can be to make a better Earth for everyone. In her free time, Ms. Oyin loves to read about history, write, dance, attend open mics and plays at the theatre.


    Ms. Lauren - Pre-K (4-5)

    Ms. Lauren is a helpful, creative and energetic teacher in the Orange Class (Pre-K). She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Child Development from Sacramento State and has worked with children for twelve years. Almost seven of those years have been at Rainbow. Ms. Lauren believes that children learn best through play and exploring their environment. She enjoys working with children because she enjoys learning and they teach her something new every day. In her (nonexistent) free time, Ms. Lauren enjoys sewing, reading, camping and spending time with her family.

    Kitchen Manager

    Ms. Jalisa

    Ms. Jalisa earned her teaching certification/Associate’s Degree in 2014. She grew up in an educational environment because her mother owned an in-home daycare and since then she knew she wanted to be involved in molding and inspiring young minds. She believes that each child should be treated as an individual because they are all so unique and have different strengths as well as different ways of learning. As a teacher, she strives to equip every child with the tools necessary to be successful. When she’s not working, she enjoys spending time with her twin daughters, Journey and Justice, singing & cooking.

  • Lesson Plans

    Green Class Lesson Plan

     Green Class - February, 2018

    Yellow Class Lesson Plan

     Yellow Class - February, 2018

    Purple Class Lesson Plan

     Purple Class - February, 2018

    Pre-K Class Lesson Plan

     Pre-K Class - February, 2018

  • Resources

    Kids Health
    Kids Health is an all-encompassing site that will appeal to parents, kids, and teens. Practical parenting information, homework help, teen advice and straight talk from professionals throughout the world as well as doctor-approved health information about kids from birth through adolescence make up the core of this site

    Brain Connection
    This site contains cutting-edge information on brain development as it pertains to child development, early reading, education, and thinking and problem solving from the embryonic stage through adulthood.

    Kids in Danger
    This is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting children by improving children's product safety. Links to product recalls and hazards are included

    Child and Family WebGuide
    An essential directory to hundreds of sites containing child development research and practical advice on topics selected on the basis of parent recommendations, professional feedback, as well as support from noted child development experts.

    Child Fun
    Child Fun is a family website with many things of interest to adults and kids—craft ideas, coloring pages, newsletters, and forum.

    National Childcare Information Center
    NCIC is a national clearinghouse and technical assistance center that links parents, providers, policy-makers, researchers, and the public to early care and education information.

    Create-A- Reader
    Technology, online games, and exercises are combined to encourage the development of early literacy skills.

    Early Reading First
    The overall purpose of Early Reading First is to prepare young children to enter kindergarten with the necessary language, cognitive, and early reading skills to prevent reading difficulties and ensure school success.

    Handwriting Without Tears
    Rainbow Daycare, Inc. utilizes the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum system as a part of our overall learning experience. The program is adaptable for home and school use. The links provided share more information on the program, and helpful online tools.

  • Contact Us

    (916) 448-5231

    (916) 448-5239

    901 P Street, Suite 155B,
    Sacramento, CA 95814

    Executive Director: Caren Wilkerson - Caren@rainbowdaycareinc.com
    Board of Directors: Board@rainbowdaycareinc.com